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Web Copywriting

We create unique web copy to engage readers

Copy that Converts

Good copy engages customers. It keeps them on your website for as long as possible, giving great information, and ultimately leads to increased likelihood of conversion.


Whilst conversion is paramount, the underlying result of good copy is that you will rate highly on Google, which helps you gain the largest audience possible for your subject, this is fundamental to your SEO.


Let GoTOP give your business a helping hand with our unique web copy service. You won’t be disappointed!

Why is Web Copywriting Important?

Four main reasons to invest in Web Copywriting

One crucial aspect of copywriting is SEO. A copywriter is given a set of keywords and is supposed to create either a story or a set of ads based on those keywords.


It can be difficult to maintain the balance between the usage of SEO keywords and perfect writing style. Only top rated copywriters manage to do so. At GoTOP we pride ourselves on the quality of our copywriting and confidently enjoy creating great content.


Be sure that you’ll get high-quality copy that will be not only readable but also drive more visitors to your website and convert them to customers.

Web copywriting is a powerful branding instrument. Words can be used to tell the prospective customer about your product and its benefits. Moreover, they can create the brand image based on in-depth research of your target audience.


Our copywriting experts are strategists, meaning that they do not simply write content but also tell people what they want and need to know. Our approach creates brand awareness and attracts more people to your brand, highlighting the credibility of your business.

Connecting with your audience is fundamental for conversion and optimisation. Our aim is to have maximum engagement, and that requires writing the best content. We love to provide inspiring, interesting and irresistible copy, to make sure the reader doesn’t skip past. As we say “I, I, I, Captain!”


It’s important to understand the target audience so you can show you are knowledgeable about your subject, and trustworthy. When writing copy, we take the time to get to know your business and your customers, so we can get this on point.

Carefully crafted content is a simple but effective marketing tool, and is highly likely convert.


Ads, landing pages, and emails are the most powerful sources of selling copy. If written properly, they effectively drive traffic to your website. Our experienced copywriters ensure that all copy is produced with not just creativity, but also with conversion in mind.


% of British marketers are investing in content marketing.


% of companies are publishing new content every day.


% of content marketers are generating ROI from content.


% of web content is actually read by visitors.

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