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Web Analytics

We offer website analysis to improve your conversion rate

Data Driven Decisions

Web analytics refers to the researching and monitoring of user behaviour on your website or app. Based on clicks and usage scenarios, you can see which features are used most and which features are ignored. As a result, you will improve user experience and thus boost conversion.


Qualified web analyst, Jim, will help you get more insight into how your website or product is used. Moreover, he will give you advice on how to increase your sales.

Why is Web Analytics important?

Four main reasons to invest in Web Analytics

Success online depends on positive user interactions on your website or app. Sequences of user steps help you to detect the strengths and weaknesses of your website or product and see what can be improved.


GoTOP experts can help you by defining essential metrics to track. As a result, you can expect significant sales growth.

By tracking every single event that is generated by user interaction, you can see what interests users. You can then perform a deep analysis and tweak the design to improve usability of your website or product.


Have no time for analysis? We’re ready to help. We can work together to define the best possible ways to improve the experience of your website/product users.

With web analytics, you can check whether the user goes through all stages of a sales funnel within your website or web app.


You can see which stages are missing and what you should change in order to lead the user to the final decision stage. Our team can analyse the data and answer all marketing-related questions that you may have.

Web Analytics allows you to set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as the amount of generated leads or earned revenue.


With this knowledge you can find out what works most effectively, testing alternative strategies to optimise the performance of your website. Our team at GoTOP can speed up this process by cross referencing your website data with their knowledge of online marketing.


% of marketing managers expect measurement of every campaign.


% of the top 10k sites use Google Analytics.


% of websites use analytical tracking.


% of people cannot identify PPC ads on the search results

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