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When you use search engines or social media, sponsored links appear in the most prominent positions to ensure maximum visibility. When a user clicks on a sponsored link or the paid ad is shown, the advertiser is charged. Such links are examples of pay per click (PPC) advertising.


Many internet users have no time or the patience to dig deep for information. They just scan the page, and PPC ads is likely to draw their attention first. Effective ad copy, images, or video can quickly turn potential customers into real ones.


PPC experts at GoTOP create effective ad campaigns tailored exactly to your business needs. Our PPC advertising service will quickly improve your search ranking, drive more traffic to your website, and get you instant leads.

Why is PPC important?

Four main reasons to invest in PPC

PPC ad campaigns do not require much time to be launched and can generate you a large volume of leads during a relatively short period. However, attention to detail is key when preparing the ads. Your target audience and the exact purpose of your campaign needs to be considered.


GoTOP will guide you through all stages of your PPC campaign. We will research the keywords, break the ads into groups, write compelling ad copy, and create high-converting landing pages.

PPC ads can be set up based on specific parameters, such as demographics, geography, or time periods. As a result, you will get high-quality & relevant traffic that will draw visitors that convert to your website.


Here at GoTOP, we will research all of these parameters and provide your website with highly targeted traffic, which will be quickly converted into sales.

Keyword sets can be easily tested and once proven, they can be implemented on more ambitious campaigns. Such strategy will eliminate all possible risk and define which webpages have the highest conversion rate.


We can conduct detailed keyword research and implement our proven testing strategy. As a result, you will get successful campaigns and achieve your marketing goals.

As the “Pay per Click” name suggests, you pay only when someone clicks your ad. With targeted management of spend, positive return on investments (ROI) is a guarantee.


Be assured that all your investments into PPC will pay off with qualified traffic and quick conversion. In addition, you will get even more benefits when you order a fully fledged ad campaign at GoTOP. Your website is in reliable hands!


% of B2B companies acquire customers through PPC


% of paid search clicks are generated by mobile devices


% of mobile searchers call a business via PPC ads


% of people cannot identify PPC ads on the search results

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